Texture Like Sun – Back Home (2020)

Hello, my friends!
Today is a pretty special post for me. Let me explain why… In the far 2014, when I only started my blog with my friend Andrew, I posted here one amazing song called “Bottle”. I still remember that was one of the most impressive music openings of that time. I fell in love with it. Then, days have gone by…months…years. For sure, I forgot about it, ’cause it was almost 6 years ago. And now I have the honor to share one more song by Texture Like Sun with you! Amazing! After so long pause. I am pretty excited about it!

So, today here is Texture Like Sun (folk / indie music artist from Melbourne, Australia), and the song “Back Home”.

Well, what can I say? His amazing voice still goes straight to my heart and doesn’t letting go while the music sounds. This certain song is kinda acoustic / folk ballad, which fully swallowing me. The arrangement is minimalistic, but each detail is in its right place and sounds exactly when it should sound.

One more incredible detail for me is borrowing the note from another key in the phrase “to be back home” in the chorus part. It may sound a bit weird from the first time, but it’s a “gold” of this song (at least in my opinion).

Overall, this is an incredibly beautiful composition. Thoughtful, peaceful, calm, soft and interesting. I will wait for new releases from Texture Like Sun. Have a nice day <3