Sour Sync – Comfort (feat. LULAR & jessamy) (2020)

Hello, guys!
I have almost merged with my chair already… Beautiful spring outside, but I should (everybody actually) stay home. One good point here – I have an endless source of fresh music! And I am always trying to share some with you <3

Today here is Sour Sync – indie / electronic music artist from London, UK, with the track “Comfort” (feat. LULAR & jessamy).

I don’t know why, but the most interesting thing for in this song is a transition of vocal thru the vibrato effect to the distorted synth (on 01:42). I just ready to listen to it endlessly 🙂 Okay, okay, just kidding here 🙂 I like that moment, but this is just a small part of the whole composition, where is more than enough of amazing details and interesting solutions. In one word – perfect!

In my imagination, this track brings me to the ocean. I staring at waves that gently leave their footprints on an empty sand shore. They’re will stay here forever, in this eternal dance. Yeah, pretty nice feelings… Maybe a bit sad, but still pleasant.

This is the true magic of music! It may show you the deepest parts of your mind, even if you’re sitting in your room in front of your laptop. Enjoy.