Seefor Yourself x Okie Doke – Can’t Tell Me Shit (2020)

Hi there! Do you want to get some energy charge? Not a problem, let’s go with me…

Today here is Seefor Yourself – hip-hop music artist from Killeen, Texas, United States, with Okie Doke, and their track “Can’t Tell Me Shit”.

From the very first sight, it may seem a bit empty (I mean the arrangement). But as soon as vocals coming out, you starting to understand that the beat and the flow working perfectly together. At least in my opinion 🙂

As usual, I am listening to the track on repeat while preparing the post, and you know what? It’s playing in my headphone for 20th time now and I have no wanting to turn it off. Even that vocal sample which sounds all the time didn’t tired of me. It’s working as some kind of sound for meditation, keeping you in the vibe.

What can I say overall? It’s an amazing track! I will wait for new stuff from this MC. Peace.