Sawticide – We Came To Kill (2020)

Hi, one more time for today 🙂
It’s fate probably, but today, in one of the most religiously great days of the year in Ukraine I am posting two incredibly heavy songs. Okay, just a coincidence probably…

Here is Sawticide – thrash / death metal band from London, UK, and their song “We Came To Kill” from the debut EP “The 11th Plague”, which is available on Spotify and Bandcamp (check links below).

About music – it’s amazing. I really dig it. I literally feel that angry underground atmosphere in this track and EP in general. I think, this kind of music is a perfect fit for downhill on a bike. I can imagine, I am putting headphones, turn on this track, volume up, and ride on a high speed thru the mountain forest!

Overall, I am not a big fan of thrash metal music, but this exact band hooked me enough 🙂 If you are a metalhead as well, then today is definitely your day on Faeton Music. Enjoy!