Picnic Lightning – Over My Head (2020)

Hello, everybody!
Saturday, Monday, Thursday…whatever. Days are already merged in one long day. Actually, I don’t even care about the day’s name for a long time now. So, let’s check what I’ve got for you 😉

Here is Picnic Lightning – indie rock / alternative music band from Fort Worth, United States, and their fresh song “Over My Head”.

The song sounds incredibly atmospheric and deep. Basically, I even feel some post-rock and progressive rock influences in there. Though guitars are distorted and the mix sounds pretty massive, the song is still has a lot of air inside. It’s really pretty interesting and pleasant to listen to.

Vocal sits deep in the mix, but at the same time it’s pretty readable and there are no problems with lyrics 🙂 Melody, arrangement, production – everything is very good (at least for me, otherwise this song would not be here).

Finally, it’s just one more wonderful song for my and your collections. Wish you all the best weekend. Peace <3