Mindchatter – scared to go home (2020)

Hey-hey! How you are guys doing?
I don’t know how, but sometimes musicians make each track as a masterpiece. For example – Mindchatter. This guy was posted here for four times, and today is gonna be fifth 🙂 This musician won my heart a long time ago, and I am pretty happy to share with one more his song, especially after a year hiatus. Here is his fresh track “scared to go home”. But if you don’t know who Mindchatter is, then check out more his tracks following links below this post.

Everything starting not even from the music itself, but from the artwork for this track. Pics for each of his tracks are all perfectly styled in one theme and mood (which is pretty cool, because you can recognize artist only by the picture, without music and titles).

His music style is also original. I really like the way his tracks sound. For instance, his vocal sound. It’s always somewhere on the edge between the clear voice and autotune. Honestly, I hate autotuned vocals overall, but he using it in the way I like (which is also interesting detail).

Each track sounds amazingly soft, and this one is not an exclusion. His signature style literally in every detail, and, as I said before, it’s amazing! Not fast, but pretty groovy beat + strange, but very beautiful voice + fat synths + perfect arrangement and production = Mindchatter’s music. Enjoy <3

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