Marcus Jacob – Day by Day (feat. keshi) (2020)

Good morning 🙂
If yesterday was a “heavy” day, then today is a day of total relaxation (at least this track). Let’s dive into the deep and warm waters of this composition together. Some time ago (a year actually) I’ve already posted this artist here. Honestly, I like it when artists coming back here with fresh good music. To listen to that track, check the link below.

Here is Marcus Jacob – electronic music producer from New York, US, and his fresh track “Day by Day (feat. keshi)”.

From the very first seconds of the composition, it starting to like. Very slow and minimalistic beat merged with a soft and pleasant voice. This is so fantastically calm…I can’t describe it. You just need to click “play” to feel it by your self. I can only try to describe my feelings about this song.

If I close my eyes, I can imagine, I am slowly diving into some kind of water…but it has much more dense. I almost can’t feel it by my skin, because its temperature fits my body’s temperature. Also, I can breathe under that weird water. It feels like I am flying in slow motion.

Enjoy your day, guys <3

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