Lowercase People – Blooming (2020)

Hey! How y’all doing? 🙂
One more time I want to thank all the people here. Yeah, my English is terrible, but I hope that the music I am sharing with you balancing this little minus. And yes, if you like what you hear, share it with friends…it’s very helpful for the blog!

Today here is Lowercase People – indie rock band from New Jersey, US, and their song “Blooming” (which is in time, ’cause outside everything starting to bloom right now). I love Spring. It’s a time when everything waking up after a few months of cold dreams.

My goodness! I just can’t stop listening to this song! This is so soft, atmospheric and calm… Beautiful melody, amazing voice, classy arrangement. Everything in this track makes me a bit happier than a minute ago. Pure love <3 This song is gonna definitely bring you to another dimension (personally, for me it's working). Enjoy your day and this song. See you.