Logan Prescott – How We Wanted (2020)

Good morning πŸ™‚
Although I don’t care about day’s name, Tuesday or Sunday…it doesn’t matter. But I still feel some light magic on Fridays. And today I will share with you pretty light song! Let’s move on!

Here is Logan Prescott (indie pop musician based in Dallas, US), and his fresh song “How We Wanted”. Honestly, I think that everybody had a similar situation when they wanted to say “It’s not quite how we wanted it…” And I am not an exclusion in this. I still say it sometimes.

Stylistically this track gave us a taste of pop music from the far ’80s, but with amazing modern production and vibe of indie music. Melody is pretty catchy and light, which is a good point for pop music in my opinion. The arrangement and structure of the song makes it interesting to listen to. I’d like to note separately his voice! It’s like a diamond in the golden frame of music. Sounds amazing and has a wide specter of emotions and feelings. Respect πŸ™‚

Overall, this is one more song that will be in my daily playlist for a long time for sure. I hope you’ll like it as well. Enjoy your day!