HeartWerk – Uria (2020)

Good morning 🙂
A year ago I’ve posted here pretty nice track (check the link below), and today, here again, HeartWerk and his fresh track “Uria”.

It was pretty hard for me to recognize the style of the track, and I decided to add two tags – house and techno. Both of them is fit in my opinion.

Musically it’s interesting first of all because it has some freshness. It’s not just regular house or regular techno stuff, this is some kind of strange mix of house and techno… and no, this is not a tech house, it’s exactly house / techno. These two styles are merged together and you can perfectly recognize each of them in the track. That’s the point for me.

If I would be a DJ, this track definitely would be in my next set. Wish you all a perfect day. Enjoy <3

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