Green Fiend – Stonedly We Rot (2020)

Good evening, guys!
I hope you’re not sleeping if you’re reading this… I hope so because now your bedtime will transform into moshpit time 😉 Let’s fucking go!

Here is “Green fiend” – death metal / stoner metal band from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, and their fresh song “Stonedly We Rot”.

If you’re a little bit in the old-school death metal scene, then you’ve already noticed the linkback to Obituary’s “Slowly We Rot” song in the title of this song. Well, maybe you can’t understand, why I’ve added tag “stoner metal”? Okay, this certain track is pretty death metal, but if you check their previous releases on Bandcamp or Spotify (check links below), then everything will become clear.

Personally for me, as for a big fan of death metal, this song is pretty nostalgic. I mean, the atmosphere of the song in the first place. It’s like old-school death with a more modern sound, which makes it way more interesting to listen to. I don’t know what more can I say about it… It’s fast, powerful, and dense. Enjoy your evening 😉