Giek_1 – Hardest Storm (2020)

Hey, guys! Good morning 🙂
I am not sure about all of you, but I like to listen to music from parallel reality sometimes. And today I have something pretty cosmic for you. Let’s check it together!

Giek_1 – ambient pop / dream pop (and a lot of other genres mixed) artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The song “Hardest Storm”, which is a pretty contrast to the sound and atmosphere of the track in my opinion.

From the very first seconds of the song, music takes your mind and teleporting it into its own world. You can’t even struggle with it…the power of the music is colossal. Everything in this song trying to push you as far from reality as possible, and succeeds in this task 😉

Only one thing that you should do – open your mind and forget about a daily routine. Everything else music will do by itself. It’s one more amazing song for my collection. Hope you enjoy it as well <3