George Gaudy – Mother (Reprise) (2020)

I still can’t believe how fast time goes by… Especially, when you’re sitting home for over two weeks in a row. But, fortunately, I have a time-machine (yes, I mean music surely).

Today here is George Gaudy – psychedelic rock music artist from London, UK, and his song “Mother (Reprise)”.

First of all, this song is perfectly performed and produced. All nuances of iconic psychedelic rock are kept, but also added a bit of freshness in the sound overall. Everything is great!

Usually, I am not a big fan of long instrumental bridges and parts in music, but this track is the exception of rules. I can listen to the song with all instrumental parts on repeat (already done over 25 times, and it’s not a limit 😉

Honestly, I am out of words at this point. But this song will tell everything by itself, believe me. Just click “play” and you will drown in the soundwaves. Enjoy <3