Erich Strabe – Ya Hochu (2020)

Hey guys!
It’s pretty strange, but yes, here is one more suddenly created post for today 🙂 Here is Erich Strabeelectronic / techno music artist from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and his fresh work entitled “Ya Hochu” (which is “I Want” in English).

Honestly, I know him for a very long time now, and he is an amazing musician (formerly he was a bass player in one of the best local bands called “Pan Pupec”). Also, he is a sound engineer (you can check out his studio’s website following link below the post). And finally, some time ago he started to write electronic music, which was an obvious decision after all.

His style is merged electronica and techno. Powerful and almost acid synths are literally slicing the space by their waves. The straight drum beat creates an atmosphere to move your head and other body parts. I think it’s a good work…nothing to say. Btw, check out his other works on Bandcamp.

Enjoy the music <3

Frost Magnetic studio