Board of Bandits – My Lovers Dream (2020)

Hey! Today I am honored to share with you one more beautiful song by “Board of Bandits” entitled “My Lovers Dream”.

This one is incredibly soft and gentle, actually, like all other their songs. But in this one, I hear some shades of slowcore music, besides the acoustic / folk. Voice is very soulful and ethereal at the same time (seem like it’s a singing angel).

As the band says: “The song is dreamy and beautiful with lyrics describing a love so strong that suffocates you.” Well, even people who don’t know English at all would feel it, only by the vibes of the music. Just because the music will tell it by itself. At least in my case, this is it. I am far from native English, but I feel the music and its talking to my heart and soul.

Btw, if you’re still don’t know who is Board of Bandits, then I strongly recommend checking the links below, and to listen to their previous songs. I am sure, you’ll like it as well.
Have a nice day <3

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