Warp & Weft – Meat and Sweet Potatoes (2020)

Good morning 🙂
Sometimes I want to start the week with something heavy (surely, I mean music), you know, just to get some charge of energy. Usually, I am opening my metal playlist. But today I have something special…let’s go.

Here is Warp & Weft – psychedelic / stoner metal / hardcore band from Minneapolis, United States, and their track entitled “Meat and Sweet Potatoes”.

From the first second this instrumental track takes my attention and don’t release until the very end. Overall, it sounds incredibly massive and heavy. That heaviness is all-encompassing, and these voice samples only emphasize it (they’re barely audible thru the wall of distorted guitars). The track sounds like the steps of the giant. Each beat is a step that destroying one more building. People running away, but they’re doomed. Excuse me, it’s just my imagination 🙂

Anyways, the music is amazing! Wish you all the best of luck. Enjoy your Monday!