Teddy Chipouras – Younger Days (2020)

Good morning 🙂
Sunday. Spring. Quarantine. What can be more life-affirming? Okay, okay, just kidding… Everything is fine and I am here traditionally, to open some new stuff for you. Let’s go!

Teddy Chipouras – singer-songwriter from the United States and his song “Younger Days” are here today. Here is actually, nothing special. I mean, pretty simple harmony, time signature, melody, and style overall. But musically it’s just perfect! I don’t want to think about arrangement, pauses, what playing any instrument in the song at this point or something else. It just sounds like it was like this for over 5 thousand years now. Really! For some songs, I can kinda improvise my own melody or another part of the song inside of my head. But this one is so balanced and ideally produced that it’s just can’t be the other way.

I don’t even want to talk about vocal, guitars, drums, bass, keys etc… Just because everything is perfect IMHO. Enjoy this beautiful song and have a good Sunday. Peace 🙂