Sonnee – Here (2020)

Good morning 🙂
I am tired of this goddamn quarantine and fear of the fu*king virus! I hope you all doing well and any viruses can’t catch you.

Sonnee – electronic music producer from Manchester, UK. Today I am here to show you the track entitled “Here”.

Today it’s gonna be a hard post to type. You may ask why? Well, I will give you an answer. Because it’s hard to describe good music, especially good electronic music. It’s just a good produced stuff, nothing less and nothing more. The beat sounds great, bass sounds soft, high freqs are warm, vocal samples – in place. The atmosphere and vibe are amazing… What more can I say about it?

Okay, it has some distinguishing feature. It’s not a pure idm, or edm or even deep house. It’s a mix of all of them. Seems like it sounds like everything at once! Finally, it’s just beautiful music for us. Let’s fully enjoy it together!