Sidny x Chaix – Someone New (2020)

Good morning!
If you are bored because of staying at home… Don’t worry, you have at least one thing that will a bit fix it 🙂 Just take it as a good habit to go to faeton music blog every morning. Good mood guaranteed!

Today my morning starting with the track “Someone New” by Canadian duo based in Toronto “Sidny x Chaix”. The smooth and minimalistic flow of high-quality indie electronic music with amazing vocals, starting to sound immediately after “play” button was clicked, pleasing me a lot!

I am always trying to fully dive into the track’s atmosphere and vibe while preparing the post, and sometimes I just don’t want to turn it off after the post was prepared. This is one of those cases! The song is a bit short, so, I think it’s playing for 15th time already and I still have no wanting to listen to something another!

If you are still here, then thank you for your time and have an amazing day. Regards, FM Blog <3