Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe (Cover by Simon Alexander) (2020)

Hi there!
Simon Alexander (folk music artist from Sweden) in da house again, with his interpretation of the Rednex’s “Cotton Eye Joe” 🙂

If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s, you probably remember this song. For me, this song is an incarnation of MTV’s pop-top 100 of 90’s. Honestly, Simon’s version don’t even sound like an original track, and this is the point of why did I post it. First of all, his voice and arrangement (subjectively) way much better than the original song in the euro-dance style.

I like cover-versions of famous songs, but only when they made with love (like this one). Not just to sing the same song with a few minor changes. But totally rearranged and with artist’s own style and mood inside. This track is a perfect example of what I mean and like.

For sure, I understand that any music has its time to be, and the original track was a hit in 90’s. But at this point I just want to shake Simon’s hand and to give mu respect for this cover! Btw, guys, if you still have no idea of who Simon Alexander is, then check out the links below. He is a very talented musician. Enjoy!

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