Peaks of Valleys – Terra Natura (2020)

Saturday is always a day to relax. I will try not to break this Saturday’s magic with this track. You can count me as your personal musical psychologist 🙂 Let’s start our musical therapy session!

Today I’d like to represent to you Peaks of Valleys (indie / folk / alternative music project from Madison, WI, United States), and the song “Terra Natura”.

First of all – it’s a very calm song. Even the electronic drumbeat at the background is pretty neat here. Every instrument sounds perfectly in the place where it should be. Together they create some kind of a pillow for the brilliant voice in the center of the musical space of the song.

When I’ve listened to this song for the first time, I waited during the whole song for the beginning of “full” drum beat, bass, etc…, and even was a little bit disappointed, but from the second listening, I finally tasted the logic and vibe of the song in a full. And I have only one conclusion about it – it’s perfect as it is!

Enjoy your weekend and keep in touch with your personal musical therapist. With love, Faeton.