P R A Y E R – Bubble Trouble (2020)

Good morning.
It’s Wednesday, mid of the week, and I want to listen to something calm. Well, I’ve got some… Check this out 😉

P R A Y E R – indie electronic / downtempo music artist from Berlin, Germany. Today here is his song entitled “Bubble Trouble”.

The first thing which bribes me in this track – vocal manner. It’s just like honey to my ears. Soft, airy and pleasant. The second one – arrangement itself. It’s pretty monotone but has some little details which make it very interesting to listen to. The third one – mood and atmosphere. The track is like “I don’t care anymore”, but still feel some pieces of sadness and melancholy. And it’s not that sadness when you’re depressed and can’t do anything. It’s a pleasant one, which makes you think about the past, current, and future.

Overall, it’s a very strong produced and performed song. It’s definitely will go to my downtempo playlist. Thanks for being in touch. Enjoy.