Memory Cult – Pityful (2020)

Good morning 🙂
Memory Cult – indie / experimental / electronic music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Today here is his latest track “Pityful”. First of all – it’s amazing! I’m in love with this voice and electronic arrangement. Totally beautiful.

I like the way voice sounds in verse sections. I mean that rotary / chorus (or whatever) effect. It’s used very gently and create certain atmosphere. Drumbeat sounds very DRY (which is also helping to support that robotic/machine atmosphere in the track). Maybe for someone of you, it may sound cold, but I love it!

As usual, I like to compare music… So, excuse me, but I will do it this time as well. I think it’s a pretty obvious thing, but the first artist that appeared in my head – Radiohead / Thom Yorke. And, as usual, it’s not the claim…I love Thom’s music a lot.

I hope to hear much more music in the future from this amazing artist. Anyways, enjoy this beautiful music and your weekend!