Magi Merlin – So Smooth (2020)

Hi, people!
I am almost all the time sitting home and not watching TV, so I have no idea what is happening around with the damned coronavirus… But I have a good song for you. As the author said: “A song so suave you’ll forget about COVID-19.”

Honestly, the track is really so smooth and calm that my brain automatically forgetting about troubles and started to relax and enjoying the music. Here is Magi Merlin (neo-soul music artist from Montreal, Canada) and her fresh song “So Smooth”. Let’s go!

Her voice comfort me. It’s just outstanding in my opinion. Arrangement (music) has some amazing groove. It makes me dance inside. It’s some kind of waves, which evenly rolling in and out from my headphones to my brain.

Well, my dictionary is over at this point 🙂 I just want to stay with this beautiful song for some time. Best wishes, Faeton.