LILA DREW – Locket (2020)

Hey, hey! Here we go again 🙂
This time I want to bring you some relax and calm. I am pleased to introduce to you all LILA DREW – indie / neo-soul artist from LA, US, and her fresh song entitled “Locket”.

I will skip all technical details (they’re perfect here anyway) and will jump right to my feelings about this track. The voice sounds like she singing personally for me and in my head or my room. I can even close my eyes and imagine her right next to me… Music overall sounds so incredible that I can’t even describe it. Light shades of jazz make the atmosphere a bit mysterious, but then the chorus comes out and removing this fog with the simple, but very catchy melody.

One friend of mine recently posted on Facebook something like this about some track: “Can’t get this tune out of my head”, well, I am not waiting for anything, ’cause I like this track a lot! Enjoy!