KUSHI – Trippin (2020)

Hi there!
Just FYI, I am very negatively tuned to any drugs (yes, I know that the LSD is psychedelic, but still the drug in my opinion). and to everything connected with it. Don’t do drugs ever! Since the drugs theme is not close to me, I will try to explain my position regarding this track 🙂

Today here is KUSHI – electronic music producer from the United Kingdom, and his fresh track entitled “Trippin”.

Usually, I am not listening to vocals/voice in electronic music such as tech house, techno, deep house, etc (mostly, because they are usually pretty blurry…with a lot of delay/reverb and other fx). But it’s pretty hard not to hear the words in this track, ’cause they’re incredibly crisp!

I had a psychological dilemma – post the track because of the good production and musical part, or not post because of the words… As you can see, the first variant won. In any case, this track is amazing for me. Even with these words about LSD. I just like that vibe and atmosphere of the track. All these layers of synths appearing and disappearing all the time creating some space inside of my head and make me dance inside.

Long story short – it’s an amazing track that will go to my tech house playlist for a long time surely. Enjoy 😉