Eddy M – Catching Glory (2020)

Hi there! How y’all doing? 🙂
During the whole last night, I’ve tried to fall asleep in spite of tooth pain. Damn! It was hard, and finally, I took a pill. I still feel it, but now not so hard. Let’s dive into the music!

Today here is Eddy M – tech house music producer from Barcelona, Spain, and his fresh track “Catching Glory”.

To say – it’s pumping…it’s to say nothing! The track has some wild energy inside. It’s mostly minimalistic, but I can’t even notice it. My body started to move immediately after I turned it on!

Massive kick and bass, atmospheric overclocking before the drop section, even voice samples (usually I don’t like voice samples in this kind of music) sounds amazing. I am pretty sure, if I would be still a dj, this track immediately was been put into my next set.

Overall, here is nothing to talk about. It’s just good stuff. Enjoy.