Cyote – red (2020)

I always prefer to listen to something from the underground, but interesting rather than from the mainstream but boring and generic. Today here is a good example of how to DO interesting music 🙂

Cyote (indie / alternative rock from NY, US) and the song “red”.

It’s tagged as “alternative” and “indie rock”, but I’d like to add to the tags list also a “psychedelic” tag. It’s just up to my perception of the music. For sure, the artist may not agree with me, but I always honest about music. I really hear some shades of psychedelic rock in this song.

Also, I totally love how the instruments sound in the mix. Drums – is a gem! Perfect room (applause)! Vocal – so gentle and pleasant! Just wow! This is one more of those songs, which I can listen a hundred times in a row and it will not become boring. Amazing stuff!

Okay, okay, I hear that silent questions: “will you compare this music?”. Sure thing. Here you go! This song touched my deepest feelings and, maybe, you will also not agree with me, but it reminds me Jeff Buckley’s – New Year’s Prayer. I mean the vibe of the song overall and the style of arrangement/mixing. Just FYI, I love Jeff Buckley, so you can take it as a compliment (’cause honestly, Jeff is a demigod to me).

Okay, a lot of words… Enjoy the music. See you later.