Cobey. – Just Speak Up (2020)

Hello, my friends 🙂
You know that feeling when you listening to the song for the first time, but it feels like you know it for a very long time? Some kind of musical deja vu. This is one of those cases for me.

Today here is Cobey. (alternative music artist from Chicago, US), and his fresh song “Just Speak Up”, which is a part of the album “It’s Not Me | It’s Used”.

As I said before, this song is like an old friend to me. No need to listen to it a few times to catch the mood and vibe. It’s already in me, and it makes this song special for me.

Musically it’s just perfect. Here is nothing to say. Beautiful voice, interesting arrangement, pleasant melody, everything is great. I think today I will listen to this album for a few times at least 🙂
Enjoy your day!