Christian Prior – Give Me Strength (2020)

Good morning 🙂
Yesterday I had a hard day! No, I’ve not worked hard and even not was in the gym… It was just mentally hard. I’ve had a lot of thoughts (mostly, unpleasant thoughts). I thought about a lot of things…maybe it’s just the beginning of the spring, as a new life, etc. Anyways, my conclusion is – live while you’re alive and feel.

Today I am happy to represent to all of you this amazing song called “Give Me Strength” by the musician from London, UK – Christian Prior.

It’s floating somewhere in between alternative, indie, soft and psychedelic rock. Sounds very atmospheric and thoughtful. Everything, starting from the intro guitar melody with a fast phaser (or maybe rotary / flanger / chorus) effect, ending up that amazing vocal manner and melody. This is how music should sound like!

Since I am listening to tons of music each day, I’ve learned to switch my brain from, for instance, tech house to doom metal very quickly and without any side effects. But when I hear music (I mean this certain song), my brain just turning off and I am diving into it totally. As usual, this song going to my daily playlist. I hope you also feel it in the same way as I do.

Thanks to all of you for staying tuned with Faeton Music. Wish you all the great work week <3