Carey Clayton – Not of Plastic (2020)

Hi there!
Honestly, I don’t even remember, how long I am sitting at home. It’s maybe around 4 or 6 days, but it feels like I am here for years! But I always have one cure from sadness and apathy – music 🙂

Today also will be a pretty calm song. maybe a bit noisy, but definitely calm. It’s Carey Clayton (shoegaze / dream pop music artist from NY, US) and his song “Not of Plastic”.

I always come to a dead-end of the lack of words when trying to describe music. For sure, I can talk almost endlessly about music on Ukrainian…but English is too hard for me and my dictionary and grammar are pretty weak 🙂 Anyways, I will try one more time!

As I said before, this song is calm in general (by its mood), but also has some little inclusions of distorted sounds, which is a shoegaze part. Since I am not a sound engineer, I can’t be sure about it, but it seems like in some moments of the song (chorus parts) voice has been slightly autotuned (I so, I suppose it was just for artistic purposes, ’cause it’s only in a few moments of the song, and the rest of time voice is clear). In any case it’s one of those rare cases, when I like music with autotuned vocals!

Well, my conclusions about this song exceptionally positive! Btw, if you like the music, support artists! Listen to their music on Spotify, add to playlists, buy albums, etc. Enjoy!