Bronze Whale – Let’s Go Walk (2020)

Hello! Here we go again! New day – new music 🙂

Yesterday I’ve slept too long…and when woke up uploaded the track with the mistake. But then, when figured out, quickly fixed it. Conclusion – everyone should sleep well, to work well.

Today here is Bronze Whale – indie electronic music project from Austin, Texas, US, and their song “Let’s Go Walk”.

First of all – perfect production and arrangement! My respect to these guys for that! The vocal manner is also amazing. The most important thing – mood. Here is a perfect mood for me at this moment. I can listen to this song on repeat, time and time again (honestly, I already do).

Actually, each sound and each detail in this song perfect fit for each other and working together. This is one more example of good pop music! I think, someday artists like this will become a stars. I may be wrong, but I really hope so.