asia – cold sweat (2020)

Hi everyone 🙂
Recently I’ve read the joke on the internet…it was something like: “Today I’ve learned that my lifestyle has a name – quarantine”. Damn, It’s so about me! But I am here not for jokes. I have an important mission – bring music to humanity! (still kidding)

Okay, let’s see what we’ve got today! Here is indie / folk artist from Brussels, Belgium – asia, and her latest song “cold sweat”.

Her voice getting directly into your heart. On the one hand, it’s a bit naive, but on the other, it’s amazingly soulful and pleasant. Overall, as I can see, in the last time tendentions going to the simplification. Honestly, I like it. ’cause music can be beautiful not only when it’s tricky and hard to perform and to listen. To be fair, I am also like technically difficult music, especially heavy ones, such as brutal death or technical death metal. But I am always coming back to the simple stuff. Just for my heart and soul.

Finally, it’s just one more good song by the good musician. I hope that this one will become famous and successful! All the best! Have a nice day 😉