Violent Vickie – Serotonin (2020)

Good morning.
Maybe today is not the best day for this kind of music, but I like it, so you will listen to it too 😉

First of all – Violent Vickie – industrial / darkwave music artist from Los Angeles, US. Today I’d like to represent to you her track “Serotonin”, off her sophomore LP “Division”.

I like that monotone and dark/noisy arrangement. Also, her voice. It’s even a bit scary for me, but I still like it. This track overall sounds like a working engine (exceptionally in a good way…cause I like it). It brings me into some meditative state. I think if this track was around 20 minutes long, for example, I’ve even didn’t feel that. It’s coming into my head through the earholes and puts things in its own order.

Overall, I am not a big fan of such music. But this track… I surrender. I hope you will like it as I do. Enjoy.