Timothy – Home (2020)

Hi there!
It seems like I am in the space of the indie folk music 😉 For a few days in a row folk stuff. It’s not bad at all… I just catch this thought in my head.

Today I’d like to represent to you Timothy – indie / folk musician from Malmö, Sweden, and his fresh song “Home”. Which is amazingly atmospheric, and sounds like a soundtrack for movie.

Everything in this song breathing! So many space coded inside of those sounds! If you’ll close your eyes, it brings you freshness of the mountains, sound of the blowing wind, and feeling of the flight. On the other hand, it sounds very personally and even sad…such as talk of two people about another one, which already gone with the wind.

In any case, this song is amazing! Especially if you like to stay alone sometimes and take your mind into the sadness. Enjoy.