lau.ra – Sideways (Original Mix) (2020)

Hi there!
Today without any additional texts, right to the music 🙂 Here is lau.ra – indie / electronic music artist from London, UK, and her track “Sideways”. Btw, Laura is a part of Ultraísta project (which was one of the first posts on this website…in far 2014). This fact makes this post much more special for me 😉

For a long time I didn’t hear anything like this. In this track mixed a lot of things I like. Indie style as a base, a bit of house, something from idm, pretty catchy melody, and nice vocal part. What I like the most – is ability to force my body move! It has some deep vibe inside, which works as a stimaltor for my muscles and makes me dance.

What can I say? One more amazing release for my collection and one more track for my daily playlist! For sure, this one will be on repeat mode for a few days at lest. I hope you like it as well. Enjoy.