Infected Dead – The Rache (2019)

Hey, hey!
Metal music is my passion for all time, but it rarely appears here, unfortunately. Today is one of those rare days when death metal is in the house 🙂

If you don’t like metal music, you can close this tab and that’s all. But if you are, then, first of all, you should click “play” and then continue reading.

Infected Dead – technical death metal band from Kent, UK. Today here is their song entitled “The Rache”. Since this is metal stuff I will critique. Sorry about that. But keep in mind that this is only my subjective opinion based on my musical taste.

What I don’t like:
– guitar solo style (sounds too old-school as for me, I’d like to hear something much modern, maybe fewer notes and a bit slower, ’cause now it sounds like Marty Friedman accidentally recorded solo for this song);
– synth/keys backing melody that duplicates the guitar at the end of the track (sounds like some gothic shit to me);

What I like:
– first of all – this is f*cking great!
– guitar riffs (I like that blackened style mixed with groove and death metal style);
– vocal manner (angry, powerful and merciless, especially low growls);
– drummer technique (fast and precise af);
– musical component (it’s really interesting to listen…all these intervals on guitars and harmony of the track overall).

Summarizing all of the above I can say that this is very strong stuff from the technical side as well as from musical. I wish all the best to the band and hope to hear fresh stuff from them asap.
Have a heavy Monday 😉