Howard – Old Mountain Boy (2020)

Good morning 🙂
Sometimes I feel like I am so alone… Damn, probably everyone may feel something similar. But my brain is pretty egoistic, and usually, I only feel sorry to myself (which is not that good overall, but it’s a fact). Anyways, I am here with some fresh music for you! Let’s go! Today here is Howard – folk / indie msuic artist from Brooklyn, US, and his song “Old Mountain Boy”.

The song sounds raw. But not that “raw” meaning, where arrangement is not 100% complete, or production is weak. But “raw” in meaning – alive and pretty close to the listener. I like such sound. Especially it feels when the drums come out. They sounds dry, but it’s only a positive thing in this song. I even can imagine the band in front of me in some half-dark venue, where only me…and they playing personally for me 🙂

In some moments voice slightly reminds me Thom York’s manner (but an old-school Thom York). It’s also not bad, I just trying to describe my feelings about this song. It’s very good stuff overall. It’s not over-difficult, but in the same time not primitive…cause I hear that the arrangement is full and all instruments sounds amazing in the mix.

I hope you will not feel lonely (at least while listening to this beautiful song). Enjoy your day <3