Foreign Fields – Don’t Give Up (2020)

Good morning or day, whatever…
First of all – thanks to everyone who is here and reading to this stuff. It’s really important for me 😉

Do you know, what can be softer than the fur, sweeter than honey, and deeper than night? Well, I also didn’t know the answer to this question until this moment… Just click “play” and you will understand what I mean.

Today here is Foreign Fields (folk / indie music project from Nashville, US), and their song “Don’t Give Up”. This song is amazingly soft and melodic. I love the arrangement and vocal manner. Atmosphere of the composition takes me away from my sit and brings into the imaginary world where I am looking for something, but can’t find. I can’t even describe that feeling… It’s just a beautiful song. That’s the point.

Hope you’re also ready for this little adventure. Enjoy.