Ezra Martin – Reflection (2020)

Hello. And here we go again 🙂
Today here is Ezra Martin – 17 y.o. indie electronic music artist from the United States, and his brand new track “Reflection”.

As usual, I have no wanting to talk about the track 🙂 Why? It’s easy – when the music is good, it’s talking by itself, and you don’t need to describe why it’s good, and which exact parts are the best, etc… On the other side, when the music is bad, you have a bunch of things to say: “this synth part too loud”, “these backing vocals out of key”, “beat sounds flat”, or million other things.

if I still didn’t convince you to listen to the track, then I can repeat one more time: “Please, do it right now! You will not regret it!”. It’s slow and calm but has some amazing energy inside. Beautiful voice and dense arrangement. I really like tracks like this one, cause it’s interesting musically.