Collin Selman – YOUlogy (2020)

Here is Collin Selman again 🙂 Today it’s gonna be his new track “YOUlogy” off of his debut EP. You can check previous tracks following links below btw.

His music always relaxing. This track is not an exception to this good tradition. It sounds calm and soft. The atmosphere of the track is foggy in my opinion. Not because it’s difficult for understanding, but because of my imagination (I just feel it that way). I like the way electronic music mixed here with indie music. Melody is simple and catchy. The whole track built around the main melody, which starts at the very beginning and goes through the whole thing, like a red thread.

I suppose if I could dance, I’d like to dance slow and plastic to this song. One more beautiful track. (applause) Enjoy.

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