Christopher Blake – Bad (ft. Armani White & Caden Jester) (2020)

Hi there! How is your weekend going? 🙂
Today here is Christopher Blake (alternative music artist from Dallas, US), and his fresh track “Bad” ft. Armani White Caden Jester.

The song is musically amazing! I’m in love with that voice! I also love the way song going… Starts as a indie-pop song, then transforms into the light hip-hop track, and finally, to the alternative rock (at the very end). All the instruments sound perfect. I also like the melody overall.

Personally, for me, this song is a hit. From the very first time I’ve heard it, it’s repeating in my head over and over again. I am not a big fan of viral songs overall. But in this case, it’s not just regular viral song, it’s also a very thoughtful and interesting from the musical perspective song.

As usual, it’s pretty hard to talk about good music. ’cause when music has bad sides, then I can easely talk about it. But when music is perfect, then It’s a bit hard. Perfect stuff! Enjoy.