Board of Bandits – Dystopia (2020)

I am pretty rarely visiting other cities…honestly, I am rarely visiting other streets of city I live in 😉 Anyways, yesterday I was in Lviv (played the gig with my band “nug”), and it was cool! I’ve received a lot of energy. But now I am home, sitting on my lovely old chair and drinking to my traditional morning tea. Let’s dive into the music!

These guys was already posted on Faeton Music two times. It means only one thing – they’re good <3 Today here is Board Of Bandits again and their fresh song "Dystopia".

It’s incredibly gentle and soft. I like that this song without drums, cause in this case I can hear how good all layers of the melody working together, and creating all these beautiful harmonics. This song is like slow river…seems like it’s freezed, but it’s running forwards under the ice.

Long story short – it’s just one more amazing song by this band. Enjoy.

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