Mons Vi – Want You Here (2020)

Good morning 😉
I think that this track is better to listen in evening/night, during the slow walk thru the warm lights of empty streets of the city. But, since I am here now, we will start right now! Let’s try!

Today here is Mons Vi (indie / lo-fi rock artist from Brooklyn, United States), and his song “Want You Here”. First of all, this is one of three songs off of his brand new EP (check out his bandcamp following link below). It sounds so soft and easy for my ears…I can listen to it on repeat for hours! Tbh, I already listened to it at least 10 times 😉

If not consider all other good things in this song (such as vocal, drums, bass, keys etc… ’cause they’re really good), then I the guitar part on the chorus section is my fav on this song. I can’t exactly recognize, but I think there is a little bit of octaver on it, rotary/phaser, reverb, also I hear some harmony on the background and it’s a little bit overdriven (or just recorded thru the tube amplifier). I don’t know why I am typing all these weird (for the most of normal people) words…I just can’t stop to listen this track.