Hillsboro – Car Sex (2020)

Hi there!
Sometimes I am thinking about myself, about my relationships with other people, about values in my life, and I came to conclusion – more you give, more you get back. But also your thoughts and wills should be clear and based on love. I love you, my little girl. Wish you all the best!

After all these weird thoughts, we’re finally came to the main thing – music 😉 Today we have here Hillsboro (shoegaze / alternative rock band from Victoria, Canada), and their song called “Car Sex”.

I like the sound, the atmosphere and the musical fill of the song, so let’s go to my subjective thoughts about it. I hear a lot of contrasts in th song, for instance between the vocal manner (which is soft and calm…even apathetic) and arrangement (which is pretty noisy and emotional). Between different parts of the song itself – from dirty guitars to orchestrals, and back to dirty guitars. This is the main reason why this song is interesting to listen to.

I like experiments with sound and facture of the music in general. This song is a good beginning of the new week and I hope it will not leave you indifferent.