Dorsal – are you here (2019)

Sometimes the outer world is going crazy, everybody hurrying somewhere, and everything is goddamn annoying! If it sounds like you, then click “play” and stay here while the music is playing. You’ll be better soon, I promise 😉

Fresh stuff came to me from Leeds, UK. This is the place where Dorsal from. Here is his fresh track called “are you here”.

The arrangement and vocal manner is sooo laaazy and relaxing that I barely sit…trying not to type something with my face 🙂 In any case, the track sounds incredibly good to me, and I am enjoying it at this moment of time (while something is going on outside).

To be honest, sometimes I staying on one song for a few days and can’t rid of wanting to listen to it. This is definitely one of those cases, so, this composition fated to be in my daily playlist. One more artist interesting artist to follow and for my collection.