CARR – Circles (2020)

Hello again 🙂
My mom always told me that time will only accelerate in the future. And she was right. I’m only able to notice how the days go by me. But I love what I do, because I am always with music, and only music able to stop time or even bring me back in time.

Today here is singer-songwriter from Los Angeles – CARR and the track “Circles”. The track starts with the soft piano part and slowly getting more energy over time (but it staying very soft and calm during the whole thing).

I like the vocal manner a lot! Sounds soulfully. Overall the song has some magical mood, which is not sad, and not fun…it’s just floating somewhere in between these two states (I like that a lot). Anyway, if it’s sadness in the song, then it’s definitely light sadness.

Well, that’s probably all I can say this time. WIsh you all a good Friday and enjoy music 😉