Tyler Bernhardt – Places To Go (2019)

Hello, guys 🙂
Yesterday my youtube channel reached 1500 subscribers, and I am very thankful to everyone who subscribed and will subscribe in the future. You’re wonderful people! I will do my best to provide fresh and the most interesting music to you!

It’s winter Sunday and I’d like to listen to something that fits this moment. And, surprise-surprise, I got something perfect for this moment! Here is Tyler Bernhardt (singer-songwriter from NY, US) and his song “Places To Go”.

Very soft and light arrangement with pleasant and beautiful voice (I’m in love that vibrato and intonations). I can imagine something if I close my eyes. It’s like a soundtrack for old-school american movie. The man walking around the city and staring at the people around him. Cars, taxi cabs, fairy lights and atmosphere of the holiday on the streets. This is my perception of this music.

Long story short – this is good stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy it as I do.