Moon Panda – That Girl (2019)

Hi there!
In the middle of the work week, we all need some time to relax and clear mind from the garbage of daily life. Here I am with the musical “pill” to help you to do that right now 🙂

More than a year ago I was posted the song called “Rabbit” by this indie band from UK, and today I am pretty happy to post another one – “That Girls”. It’s incredibly calm and soft song, with beautiful vocal and light arrangement. I like the way it changing from almost ambient slowcore part to the guitar solo part (which is also very soft comparing to regular guitar solos, but in this track it’s like a peak of the composition) and then slowly goes back to the slowcore part and, finally, to the end…

I always saying that I don’t like to describe the music by the words, because it’s useless idea, but I am trying to do my best to describe it for you and to encourage you to listen to it right now. So, do it!

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