Lea Porcelain – Sink into the Night (2019)

Good morning (or whatever now on your side of the earth).
Days goes one by one and every day a millions of tracks releasing around the globe. I am still here to found the best of them for your ears 🙂 And here you go! Lea Porcelain – indie / alternative music duo from Berlin / London. Members are Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus. Their song “Sink into the Night” today is here for your pleasure.

Musically this song sounds simple and soft on one hand, and perfectly balanced and arranged on another. I like to compare new music to already known artists. This time it’s like a mix of Bob Moses and Radiohead (if you already know both, then you’ll understand me). Still want you to know that this is definitely not a claim, it’s just my associations and more like a compliment to the musicians.

Musically (melody, harmony and arrangement), this song sounds like flight thru the space on a speed of light. But that flight is incredibly calm, because you’re coming home, to your planet. Milky way is already visible it means that youre on the right course. For sure, your imagination mayb draw different pictures, but these are mine 🙂 Hope, you guys, will love it as I do!